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Residential building ventilation
The Witzenmann range for small conduits and flexible pipework enables room-saving installation in walls, floors and ceilings.

Elements for ventilating dwelling spaces

Witzenmann's small ducts and duct components fulfil the specifications of DIN EN 1506 and DIN EN 1507 in which the dimensions, tolerances, strength and (leak) tightness are specified.

Flat Ducting for Ventilating the Dwelling Space

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Flat ducts are available in the dimensions 40 x 100 mm to 80 x 200 mm as well as in custom dimensions.

The large selection of optimised dimensions and construction allows planners to produce a design ideally adapted to the particular air volume required. The benefits:

  • optimal use can be made of the smallest installation areas
  • suitable for new buildings and renovations
  • distributor boxes, filter boxes and silencers can also be produced according to custom requirements

Ventilation pipes and fittings

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The component program for round pipes from Witzenmann offers an optimal solution for connecting all common duct systems from DN 80 to DN 355.

The classic spiral ducts and the corresponding molded parts for air conditioning and ventilation systems in buildings are manufactured using the latest technology. All parts are equipped with lip seals and thus achieve tightness class C to D.

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