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Zwickau plant – the centre for hoses

The Zwickau plant is the core production facility for corrugated hoses up to DN 300, and for stripwound hoses. In the area of materials too, Zwickau occupies a special place in the Witzenmann Group. Flexible metal hoses made from copper or bronze are also exclusively built in Zwickau, for example. The processing expertise and specially adapted production processes in particular ensure that the high standard of Witzenmann quality is maintained.

As a direct sales partner, Zwickau has an extensive product range to facilitate fast preparation of flexible metal hose packages.

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Werdau plant – extensive range of pipe holders

Production in Werdau focusses on hangers and supports for industrial pipeline construction, in addition to sliding, floating and fixed bearings.

The customers for these products are mainly from heavy industry, major chemical and petrochemical plants as well as the entire plant engineering and construction industry. Products and technology undergo continuous further development in close cooperation with customers. This creates special bearing series, for example, that are optimised to the modified demands of new plants.

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