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Innovative: technology, quality and world market leader


More than 2500 patents have now been registered during the course of the company's history. We see ourselves as problem-solvers for our customers. This drives us to continuously work on developing new products and applications and open up new markets.

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Because we are enthusiastic about technology

Whether industrial mechanic, machine operator or engineer - all our employees create customer-oriented solutions. An enthusiasm which is unparalleled worldwide. We develop and produce unique products - an expectation and challenge embraced by every one of our employees.

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Because we are innovative by tradition!

A fixed idea - that was the basis on which the company Witzenmann originated. In 1885, Heinrich Witzenmann, decided to completely restructure his successful jewellery factory since he was captivated by the idea of a flexible metal hose.

In doing so, he laid the basis for our position as market leaders and technology innovators in today's metal hose and expansion joint industries. Innovative spirit and a willingness to embrace change - these characteristics are still evident at Witzenmann today.

We are looking for new employees who share our way of thinking - Submit your applicationto be part of it!

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Because we facilitate the future

From product development to logistics through to marketing - creative (lateral) thinking is welcome at Witzenmann. Students are the employees of tomorrow. Experience creativity and innovative spirit by attending an SIA afternoon at our training centre. Here, a piece of wood can even become a water-powered car!

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Because we actively embrace the integration of digital technology

Step-by-step into the digital future, with new business models and also improved digital processes.
The implementation relies on the enthusiasm of our employees, IT expertise and the knowledge of our engineers.

Examples of the integration of digital technology are:

  • study of IoT expansion joints
  • use of artificial intelligence in the production of automotive components (autonomous learning of machines)
  • business process harmonisation in the Witzenmann Group
  • augmented/virtual reality - experiments in the area of maintenance

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