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Flexperte Design Software for pipe supports Witzenmann

Training offer by Witzenmann Sachsen

FLEXPERTE is the configuration software for the HYDRA products of flexible metal hoses, metal bellows, expansion joints and pipe supports. The specially developed range supports the selection of suitable products for ad-hoc use, as well as taking account of the current configuration rules.

Witzenmann Sachsen offers training courses to customers on how to use this user-friendly application for the product range pipe supports, hangers and supports.

Focus of training:

Introduction and explanation of the FLEXPERTE planning software incl. interfaces (Rohr2, CAESAR II, PDMS)Presentation of the product range

Informative tour of our production facility

The training courses are held at our plant in Werdau.

For groups of 5 people or more, we also offer training on your own premises.

Additional questions

If you are interested in taking part, please contact us directly at:

Witzenmann Sachsen GmbH
Seilerstraße 7
08056 Zwickau

Ms. Anja Lehmann


Tel.: +49 375-808-470