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Our Vision:

As a family-owned company, we will be one of the most profitable companies within our markets - absolutely digital and customer-centric.

Absolutely digital


"We all make Witzenmann a winner of the digital transformation!"

Philip Paschen
Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board

winner of the digital transformation

Digital transformation is not a matter of IT alone – it concerns us all. Witzenmann therefore has its own digital strategy, which you can find out more about here. The digital transformation is firmly anchored in our corporate vision. We absolutely want to become digital, for the benefit of our customers and our employees. Internally, the umbrella message is: "Witzenmann will be a winner of the digital transformation".

Winner of Digital Transformation

In order to become the winner of the digital transformation, we are driving digital transformation in six fields: training, administration, production, sales, products & platform.
Four roadmaps were designed for these fields.

Digital strategy

Digital transformation offers great opportunities for every area of the company. With the digital strategy, we define the main goals, messages, roadmaps and projects for the digital transformation of our company. The four roadmaps bundle projects in the fields of "Customer", "Improvement", "Technology" and "Culture" and align the projects with the goal of becoming "absolutely digital". With this roadmap, we can all become winners of digital transformation.

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Digital vision of the future

Our Digital Vision of the Future clearly shows which key goals we want to achieve by 2025. The focus is on the customer. In order to initiate digitization projects throughout the company, we focus on six fields from the customer's point of view. Each field includes a digital North Star project with the highest priority. These are the establishment of an eAcademy (further education), the roll-out of the digital workplace (administration), the development of smart factory competencies (production), smart sales based on CRM (sales), the development of smart components (products) and the establishment and expansion of eCommerce (platform). Cyber security, AI and machine learning are fundamental topics that are fundamentally considered in all six fields.

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Digital Innovations

Digital transformation offers an almost unmanageable range of possibilities. The implementation of digital projects takes time and a lot of expertise. To ensure that the innovative thrust of digital transformation does not get out of sight, the digital strategy promotes digitally supported innovations through its projects. In our Digital.Lab, we promote these innovations, for example in the fields of additive manufacturing, robotics and AI, industrial and power electronics, virtual and augmented reality, business model innovations and much more.

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Digital Culture

Our employees are invited to actively participate in the digital strategy. For this
we need honest input, which can also be critical.
This requires an open working atmosphere without hierarchies. When digital transformation is fun and the successes show, it becomes a digital culture that supports itself. In our digital strategy, Digital Culture has its own roadmap ("Organization & Culture") with its own projects to promote cooperation in the digital environment. The digital strategy sees employees as our internal customers. We consciously seek their opinions, have our work evaluated and present ourselves in open forums. With the Digital.Lab, we have created a place that makes digitization visible and tangible in the home. The Digital.Lab is not only a hothouse for digitally supported innovations, but also a place for cultural work in a digital environment.

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Digital Change

Digital transformation means profound change through digitalization. Digital transformation does not stop at any area of the company. Therefore, it is important to explain the desired change well. As companies, we need to formulate our messages clearly and as comprehensibly as possible.

Wo we see a need for change, what goals are associated with it, and how embassies become projects, can be understood in the House of Umbrella Embassies of the digital strategy.
Above all, there is the vision "absolutely digital" and the umbrella message "winner" of digital transformation. Belowthere are five sub-messages:
- At Witzenmann, digital transformation is part of the strategy!
- Digital transformation ensures competitiveness!
- Digital transformation is an innovation and cultural project!
- At Witzenmann, we shape the digital transformation together!
- No success for digital transformation without change management!

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Core - Disruption - Lab

The Witzenmann digital strategy modernizes the IT core to the future-oriented software (core), and actively tackles digitally supported innovation projects (disruption). With the Witzenmann Digital.Lab (Lab), we have created a "greenhouse for digital innovation" in which employees have great freedom in designing digital projects. The modernization of the IT core leads to a future-oriented and secure working and development.