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Applications in the air conditioning system

Pipes for the CO2 air conditioning system

In order to make air conditioning in vehicles more environmentally friendly and efficient, the trend is to move away from refrigerants that are increasingly harmful to climate in favour of natural refrigerants such as CO2. The upcoming PFAS ban may accelerate the use of CO2 air conditioning systems in vehicles.

Thanks to its lower greenhouse potential and higher efficiency compared to conventional refrigerants, CO2 represents an environmentally friendly alternative.


CO2 air-conditioning hose

Conventional air conditioning systems typically have elastomer components as a flexible area. When using R744 refrigerant, an increased demand is placed on the pipework system in terms of permetation tightness, temperature and pressure stability. That is why our CO2 pipelines contain a flexible section made of stainless steel. They convince by:

  • Design for typical system pressures
  • Stable properties of the service life
  • Resistance against permeation
  • Geometrical adaptability

1,300 times
lower greenhouse potential
10-20 %
higher efficiency

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