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Product overview corrugated bellows stainless steel Witzenmann

Corrugated bellows


Here you will find an overview of our standard and special program. Do you need a special design? Please get in touch with us.

Application examples for HYDRA corrugated bellows

Valve shaft bellows stainless steel from Witzenmann

For the gland-free sealing of high-quality valves

Metal bellows for vaccum applications Witzenmann

For spindle seals in vacuum valves and sealing of vacuum switches

Metal bellows for solar applications Witzenmann

For collector tubes or as collector joints

Metal bellows as sensors and actuators Witzenmann

Spring rate and hydraulic cross-section define the characteristic of the sensor or actuato...

Metal bellows couplings from Witzenmann

Metal bellows as maintenance-free shaft coupling

Metal bellows for car engines Witzenmann

Bellows with extremely small flow cross-sections