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Following the training

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“The possible activities of industrial mechanics are many and varied and they have ample opportunity to apply the technical skills acquired. During my training I had a glimpse into every department and practically in every part of the company. The foremen and managers were all very open in their approach and taught me a lot.

After completing my training, I joined the prototype construction department where my tasks include the testing of new tools. This was my preferred choice, as the tasks are very interesting and I often carry out assignments abroad. There are also many training offers. Initially, I just want to build up my professional experience. In time, I could see myself being an engineer!“

Lucca Hailer
Industrial mechanic

After studying at Witzenmann

Kirsten Prill

At the end of my industrial engineering studies, I wrote my master's thesis at Witzenmann. Since I really liked the company atmosphere and the upcoming tasks, I applied for a job there. The company and the colleagues were very helpful during the induction, so that I quickly settled in even under corona conditions.

As a project manager for digital transformation, I accompany various projects related to digitization and automation. There is a lot going on in these topics at the moment and it is exciting to experience and shape the changes. In my first year, in addition to my colleagues, I also got to know many technologies such as .B lightweight robots.

I particularly like that I have a lot of contact with different departments and external partners through my tasks. In addition, my tasks challenge me every day, so it never gets boring and I still see many opportunities for further development.

Kirsten Prill,
project manager digital transformation


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