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Rupture Discs

Quality is Witzenmann's priority objective, as evidenced by the numerous certifications (EN ISO 9001: 2008, EN ISO 13485) and approvals (PED, ATEX, high pressure applications, ADR) that we have endeavored to obtain.Leader on the market for flexible metal elements (pipes, bellows, compensators) we are also a specialist in rupture discs. Witzenmann is the privileged partner of many major industrial companies.

Regulation: Directive 2014/68 / EU
Rupture discs used as safety accessories are, except for specific exclusions, subject to European Directive 2014/68 / EU and classified in category IV. Our quality system, the design and manufacture of our discs are therefore regularly audited by a notified body which ensures that our products comply with the requirements of the directive.

Effective pressure maintenance
Rupture discs manufactured by Witzenmann are essential safety equipment for pressurized or vacuum piping systems.Designed with precision specifically according to the pressure constraint, they break if a pressure / temperature couple is exceeded (tolerated). Thus they compensate for pressure peaks avoiding any material damage and bodily injury with great reliability.Witzenmann designs and manufactures rupture discs specially tailored to the individual requirements of each project. They can also be integrated later into pre-existing system configurations.

- Stainless steel, nickel, or other materials
- With a convex or concave fracture surface
- Meet the European directive on pressure equipment 2014/68 / EU- According to standard EN ISO 4126-2 and EN ISO 4126-6- Individual design, even for low burst pressure ranges
- Available in DN ranging from DN 5 to DN 400 and pressures from 400 mbarg to 1000 barg

- Rupture discs are delivered with a suitable support
- Suitable for assembly by welding, screwing or clamping
- For protection against accidents due to overpressure or in the event of failure of other safety devices
- Can be used with or without an alarm device
- In double arrangement for continued operation


Principle: The operation of the direct discs is based on the breaking strength of the strip material.

Rupture disc direct

± 10% for Pr > 1,5 bar
± 15% for Pr ≤ 1,5 bar

Working pressure / Rupture pressure ratio75% maximum

Fatigue resistance (pressure cycling) :Average to goodVacuum resistanceAverage to poor

FragmentationYes for gas applications

Pressures1 to 1000 b (depending on diameter)

DiametersDN 5 to DN 400 (depending on pressure)


Principle: The operation of the reverse discs is based on the resistance to buckling of the strip which is turned and cut on a knife.

Rupture disc indirect

± 10 % for Pr > 1 bar
± 15 % for Pr ≤ 1 bar
Working pressure / Rupture pressure ratio 75 % maximum
Fatigue resistance (pressure cycling): Excellent
Vacuum resistance Excellent. Can also withstand back pressure above breaking pressure.
Fragmentation No
Pressures 0.4 to 40 b (depending on diameter)
Diameters DN 25 to DN 400 (depending on pressure)
Austenitic stainless steels (1.4404, 1.4541, 1.4301)
Nickel NI200, NI201 - Nickel based alloys
All materials according to international standards and/or PED regulation 2014/68/EU
Temperature -273 °C to +650 °C

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