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Rigid and bent pipes

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Tailor-made, ready-to-install our pre-bent pipes are a staple product for industrial markets. In many cases the geometry reaches up to 1D and the diameter that Witzenmann Benelux manufactures every day varies between 4 mm and 150 mm.

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Rigid pipes with flexpart

Gebogen leidingen met flexibele onderdelen

The rigid bent pipes and flexible elements combine to provide an innovative product that is both high quality and extremely easy to assemble throughout industrial and automotive applications.

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pipe systems in vehicles

Leitungen und Leitungssysteme
  • Pipes for oil and water circuits
    Temperature-resistant transport of media at the motor for the supply and discharge of oil, water and other liquids
  • Pipes for driving hydrogen and fuel cells
    Application: fuel cells, medium and low pressure range
  • Piping in cooling systems
    As installation space tends to be limited in cooling systems (such as in oil cooling circuits in transformers), accurate geometric and technical design specifications of the flexible system ensures an optimised performance in a tight space.
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