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The Witzenmann Group offers a product range tailored for plant engineering and construction.

Flexible elements for plant and pipeline construction

Our expansion joint, flexible metal hose, metal bellows and spring and constant hanger solutions are ideal for every application in plant engineering and construction.

Our variable and targeted pipe bracket products are designed based on the two pipeline construction calculation programs Intergraph CAESAR II and Sigma Rohr2. Our specially adapted design tool FLEXPERTE has the required interfaces to transfer the product specifications directly into the planning and design as 3D CAD models.

Applications in plant engineering and construction and pipeline construction

Flexible Trace Heating System

Flexible Heat Trace Image Text

The flexible heat trace hose heats the pipe below the insulation to a maximum temperature of 200°C, using steam or hot water. The large corrugated surface ensures optimum heat transfer. The easy-to-bend annular corrugated hose enables easy and trouble-free installation.

  • high heat exchanger output
  • cost savings thanks to simple and curved installation
  • no welding necessary
  • no buckling
Flexible Heat Trace

Low temperature

Cryogenic Temeperature Fullwidth

Flexibility at – 260 °C

For the cryogenic or low temperature field, our range includes double-walled or single-walled flexible metal hoses as well as insulated expansion joints and bellows designed for the lowest temperatures.

Its possible fields of application include the transport of liquid gases, the chemical industry and research institutions.

FCC refinery after Catofin process

Material and engineering challenge in the high-temperature field

Service Life

Concrete-based universal expansion joints are very heavy, so pantographs are used here as anchors. They prevent the bellows buckling from the weight of the intermediate pipe. The pantograph also distributes the loads evenly across the bellows elements.

Panthograph Image Text

High Temperature

Witzenmann is one of the few companies authorised for the Catofin process in the high-temperature field. Thanks to intelligent engineering and patented solutions, we have achieved a technological leap here.

  • FEM design
  • patented detailed solutions
3D animation expansion joint Image Text


To protect the expansion joint from extreme temperatures, hexmesh structures are welded inside and these are poured with special concrete (hot wall design). In the metal bellows area, insulated inner tubes protect against high temperatures.

Hex Mesh Image Text


The 3-D CFD (computational fluid dynamics) calculation is used to calculate pressures, temperatures and flow velocities of moving media within fixed geometries. In this case for the purge connection, in order to calculate the temperature and flow distribution of the injected propane gas, so that a barrier flow is calculated.

3D CFD Image Text


Propane is blown into the bellows area from outside. This blocks the flow of the medium. This reliably keeps the bellows area away from the hot medium and ensures that no carbonisation occurs in the line.

Carbonization Image Text
media temperature
DN 3600
largest expansion joint manufactured for FCC
27 t
expansion joint single weight for FCC plant in Africa

Next steps

Configure products

Use our FLEXPERTE tool to configure products, quickly and easily, to meet your individual requirements.


  • Design of standard products
  • Creation of data sheets
  • Preparation of Enquiries

Download: FLEXPERTE customer version

FLEXPERTE: The design program for the Witzenmann Group's entire product range with function-specific subdivisions

  • Flexible metal tubes
  • Expansion joints
  • Metal bellows
  • Bearings, hangers, supports

Drawing data, including complete 3D CAD drawings, is stored alongside the calculation formulae. With PDS and PDMS interfaces, the program is versatile and universally usable.

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